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Test 1

I felt that the first test being multiple choice and all was very challenging. Im wondering if the second test will be of similar format...

The first test was short answer and essay question and not multiple choice. So the second one will probably be the same format.

She has already mentioned that the second test is going to have multiple choice, which I really wish she would stay as the first test format instead.

Course Reflection:

I think the overall mix of teaching styles of Professor Benick and Jones was a good hybrid to bring out the best in the potential in the course. Furthermore, the guest lecturers added further expertise and depth. I have always believed there should me more than 2 professors for each course since it helps in keeping variety between agendas. Each student feels more comfortable with a different professor and so teaching becomes more effective in this way. Great course, had a lot of fun.

Asif Syed Jaleel

I agree, I really enjoyed the mixture of the 2 professors - each with their own expertise and personalities. Overall, good course :)