• Don't forget to continue editing the course wiki. It counts toward your participation mark.
    • Community building and maintenance work can include a range of potential contributions - organizing of content, aesthetic presentation (eg, banners), sharing resources of interest, etc. So long as what is done is relevant and constructive, it probably fits. You are strongly recommended to start this work early and contribute frequently - while you have until the last day of classes to work on community building, a deluge of last-minute edits are rarely constructive and don't particularly count for much as a result.

  • The feedback and online participation component includes supporting and editing individual and group research work of others on the course wiki.
    • You are encouraged to examine and improve the work of others, adding references, examples, and insight. This should make the already solid work of your colleagues even better.

  • These marks are ongoing throughout thecycle3.jpg semester and the deadline is on April 2nd.