Group Cultural Transformation Assignment

20% In lab, Week 12 (Apr. 2)

Submission of final communications effort on course wiki. This is basically the execution of the strategy you outlined in the second assignment, and will be evaluated in terms of your success in consistently and effectively delivering on the strategy you outlined. Your message, medium and audience should be clear and consistent, and you should have learned from feedback on your strategy.

Results will be presented in the lecture hall (J102) April 2. Groups will present and talk with either Profs. Benick or Jones or TA Jeremy Fernie about their projects. Projects should be represented and summed up by a poster that explains a big picture summary of the project in a compelling and visual manner (e.g., not just a bunch of text pasted to bristol board). Presentations - including showing any material - can only last about 5-7 minutes due to time constraints, so plan to hit what you believe your key messages are quickly and efficiently.