Questions About the Course
Post any questions you may have about lectures, guest lecturers, readings and tutorials or anything else relating to the course.



What was the class average for the first test?
What can we use as a guide or rather checklist to make sure we have met all requirements asked by this proposal?
The questions asked in the proposal are things you should cover - there's no easy way to come up with a checklist or guide beyond that since you're essentially creating 50 or so projects that are all different from each other. The proposal is just to get you thinking in a direction - you'll get feedback on that from us and your classmates as things move on in the month.
Must we work in groups for the other assignments? It's extremely hard for me to make time for group work outside of class.
Yes, as it is a GROUP ASSIGNMENT...your ability to work well in a team is part of the assignment.
What time is assignment #1 due on Thursday? Is it due during tutorial or midnight?
Where are the lecture slides for the guest lectures? They should be in with the lecture notes...
They will be - we have to get them from the source on their schedule, so takes a bit of time. I believe Mark K's notes are already on SLATE - feel free to copy them over. He's the first to be willing to share such things.
Are we allowed to modify any of our wiki pages even after the deadline has passed?
You can, but I'll be marking based on what's there at submission of course.
When/where are we gonna get our marks back for the individual research assignment?
Hopefully March 5 - depends on how things go. You'll certainly get the test back that day.
How are the participation marks for editing the wiki assessed?
Feedback on other projects is helpful participation, as is anything else that helps build the community (e.g., sharing study notes for the test, etc.) There's no magic number of edits required to get an A - it's more of a floating average that rewards those who've been very active and helpful (and conversely, if you've only just realized the wiki exists, doesn't help you all that much.)